What do we represent?

Miss Fashion World is the world's largest international beauty contest with the theme of fashion & elegance. The world's major beauty contests.

Miss Fashion World and our declaration are not just to choose beautiful women or self-proclaimed, We encouraging creativeness, innocativeness and appreciate uniqueness from all women. We look forward to working with commercial organizations, environmental protection agencies or non-profit organizations from all walks of life to maximize the fashion concepts of both parties to the target population.

The main objective of organizing Miss Fashion World is to encourage the all the female who, for the most part have lived in this country, to become more in touch with their culture. The pageant is not your conventional beauty pageant; rather, it emphasizes grace, poise, confidence, originality, intelligence, and talent. This event will enhances the self-image of the young and mature ladies and enhances their confidence.The Pageant provides an opportunity for the community to come together, provides a platform for all ladies to showcase their talents. This inaugural profoundly encourages women awareness, and we hope you would like to be a part of making it happen !

这一年,由MFW倾力主办的[国际时尚小姐]即将在马来西亚,吉隆玻 火力全开,一场审美观念的革命,一次选美赛事的改革,不止吸引马来西 亚所有优越女性的注意力,也是我们为全世界美丽、自信的女性们敞开怀 抱赐予她们绽放魅力的舞台。

以“自信美丽、爱心和谐”为宗旨,将通过“国际捧绣选美总决赛”、 魅力城市美丽巡游”两大主题内容,弘扬世界女子“内提修养、外塑形象 ”的魅力内涵。大赛期间,更有国际文化巡游仪式,盛大慈善晚宴,盛典 决赛颁奖等系列活动,我们诚意邀请您,加入我们感受世界村的欢声笑语 ,与每一位魅力女性一起散发爱与关环并照亮我们这一片国土。


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