2019国际时尚小姐国际选美大赛将于2019年10月12日,在金马皇宫酒店举办巅峰之夜·总决赛颁奖典礼。与民同乐,共度魅力之夜!此夜将评选出本届大赛的各单项奖和冠亚季军,2019年度国际时尚小姐诞生于此。金马皇宫酒店,曾招待过许多国家元首、政要,也是1998年亚太经合峰会的会议地点。金马皇宫(Palace of The Golden Horses)是一座融合了摩尔式(Moorish)和马来式建筑风格的酒店。宫殿式的建筑,千姿百态的马匹,把整个酒店衬托得十分富丽堂皇。

The 2019 International Miss Fashion World Beauty Contest will be held on October 28, 2019 at the Golden Horse Palace Hotel. Have fun with the people and spend the night together! This evening will select the individual awards and the champion in this competition. The 2019 International Miss Fashion World was born here. The Golden Horse Palace Hotel has hosted many heads of state and political figures and was also the venue for the 1998 APEC summit. The Palace of The Golden Horses is a blend of Moorish and Malay architecture. The palace-style architecture, the various horses, set the whole hotel very magnificent.